Canada Express Entry complete guide

This blog is created for those people who just started exploring about their dream to move to Canada. After reading this post or many other similar posts available online, you will realize that Canadian Immigration process is very simple and transparent. Here I will discuss basic eligibility criterion for Canada Express Entry.

Canada Express Entry is a basically a pool system where everyone is assigned a CRS score (Comprehensive Ranking System) for various factors like Age, Education, Work experience, IELTS score, Canadian experience and education  etc. Almost twice a month a draw is conducted and a cut-off score is decided. ITA (Invitation to apply) being send to all eligible applicants and 60 days are given to submit all documents. To be eligible for draw, one needs to create an express entry profile. Potential applicants need to be eligible under one of the following federal economic immigration programs:

Now, eligibility under one of these programs can be checked under Come to Canada tool of CIC.

  • Step-1:

    If you are eligible under one of the above program, then you are eligible for express entry. To make an express entry profile you need to have few things ready.

 1) A valid passport.

 2) A valid IELTS General Training Test Report Form.

Minimum Requirement for IELTS in Express Entry is 6 bands in each module. However, score of L-8, S-7, R-7 and W-7 can boost your CRS and create a realistic chance of ITA (invitation to apply).

3) ECA (Education credential assessment).

ECA is done to evaluate your education to Canadian Standards. You have send your educational transcripts to CIC designated Organizations

 4) A reference number from Come to Canada tool.

It basically calculates that you have at least 67 points and you are eligible. If you are eligible, a reference code can be generated here, which is required while making express entry profile.

5) Details of your work history.

Only date of your work history required at this stage, however, you need to submit reference letter for the same if you receive an ITA.

6) Your NOC code (National Occupation Classification).

It’s basically a code number assigned according to your role and responsibility at work place. Remember, here your designation does not matter but role and responsibility should match up to 80%.

7) Proof of funds.

At this point you need not to show any proof for your funds but you should have the minimum desired amount for total number of applicants (principal applicants and accompanying) You can check funds requirements here Proof of fund requirement .

  • Step-2 :

Now, Visit Govt. of Canada   website and choose the option “continue with GC key” to create your account. It will ask you to choose several security questions and answers, please down correctly to avoid losing your profile. Finally, Fill all the desired personal and professional details and complete your profile.

Moreover, After completion, your profile will be ready and you will be considered in the pool. You have to wait for the ITA if your CRS is high (normally above 450). If you have low CRS, then don’t worry, we have an option with PNP (Province Nominee Program) that I will discuss in a separate post.

Please note that while making express entry profile you don’t need to upload any document.

Before collecting all the documents, please use CRS Calculator to have an idea of your CRS score.Feel free to ask any questions regarding Canada Immigration.


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