SINP Program Integrity Unit (PIU) verification

SINP can transfer your file to PIU if they find any discrepancies in your file. PIU can take long time to verify the information provided by you. Usually they send following mail.

Your file is currently under review with the Program Integrity Unit of the SINP due to a lack of verifiable information contained in the work experience documents submitted with your SINP application. We are prepared to provide you with an opportunity to provide additional information that will satisfy our office that misrepresentation has not taken place.

The Program Integrity Unit (PIU) of the SINP was established to safeguard the integrity of our program and to ensure that applicants are adhering to our program criteria, policies and procedures. This includes ensuring that the information and documents submitted by applicants are authentic and that misrepresentation has not taken place.

Program Integrity requires the following information from you within ten (10) business days from the date of this letter.
1) Verifiable work experience references.

You must provide two (2) separate work experience references from your current or most recent employer. Each work experience reference must be submitted with the following information.

Business card or information showing the official title of each work experience reference.

Email address for each work experience reference.

NOTE: If the company uses a 3rd party provider, (Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail et al.), as their business email, your Employer must provide the SINP with the main registration (home) page of that 3rd party email provider showing when the email account for the business was registered. These 3rd party email providers will not be accepted for verification without this information.

Telephone number for each work experience reference.

NOTE: Mobile numbers will not be accepted for your work experience reference.

You must ensure that your two (2) work experience references know that they will be contacted directly by SINP Program Integrity for further verification of your work experience with the company.

2) Proof of company operations.

Provide links to any internet pages which reference your company such as directories, business reviews, testimonials or professional association pages etc., so we can verify the existence of the company for which you work.

Proof of the physical address of the business.

Provide a copy of the business registration for your current employer.

Provide promotional or catalogue materials produced by your company

Provide any additional documentation which will assist SINP Program Integrity in validating your work experience.

3) Proof of Employment

Please provide at least one (1) of the following documents as further confirmation of your employment;

Employee Pension or Provident fund statement.

General Tax Form (Form 16) or Taxation Exempt (Tax Free) Form.

Income Tax Return Acknowledgement (ITR) form

Employee State Insurance

4) Proof of Salary

Please provide documentation that you received the payment of wages from your Employer such as payroll documentation or bank deposit information.

NOTE: If you were paid in cash, please have your employer provide the SINP with signed receipts of payment that they provided with your cash payment or company records of your payments.

You must submit your information within ten (10) business days of receiving this letter by email.

Failure to respond within ten (10) days will result in your file being deemed ineligible by SINP Program Integrity and may result in a two year suspension from the use of any SINP programs or services.

Fraud is a criminal offense in Canada so if it is further determined that misrepresentation has occurred, information regarding your file may be shared with other immigration authorities in Canada including the other Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) and the federal government represented by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

So it is advised that don’t try to misrepresent any data, otherwise you will be in trouble. Better you submit most of these documents with your file to speed up your application.

SINP send a mail to both reference provided by you and if they don’t reply, you will get a rejection.

Please be careful, as in many cases these mails are received as SPAM, so I recommend you to make a new email address before you start you immigration process to avoid excessive spam.

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4 thoughts on “SINP Program Integrity Unit (PIU) verification

  1. Very useful information.
    I also got this type of mail.
    Me and my others 5 friends paid through same credit card. So they are suspecting that we have hired a consultant which we don’t.
    What should we do.

    1. Prepare a good letter of explanation and add your past 3-4 months credit card statement showing that transaction is not done by a consultant.

  2. I evaluated my highest degree which is MBA, I applied for OID related to Agriculture and I have BSC in Agriculture. CIC says to evaluate the highest degree. SINP is requesting for The ECA to my BSC Agriculsture and i have 10 days to submit which is impossible. What can i do.

    1. You can mail to SINP and ask for extension. However, SINP is quite strict and they reject application in case they found any missing document.

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