SINP Program Integrity Unit (PIU) verification

What is SINP Program Integrity Unit (PIU)

SINP Program Integrity Unit (PIU) is started to reduce and eliminate immigration fraud by the Saskatchewan government. The motive of the SINP Program Integrity Unit (PIU) to maintain the integrity of SINP and to ensure that all policies, procedures, and criteria of the program are adhered, by checking the authenticity of the information and documents provided by the applicants. During Process if SINP found any doubt in any application, they transfer the file to the SINP Program Integrity Unit (PIU), where the authenticity of documents is checked either by verification or by asking further evidence and documents from the candidate.

Tasks of SINP Program Integrity Unit (PIU)

  • Checking the authenticity of documentation and information submitted with SINP application
  • Assessment of the second review request, submitted for Ineligible applications.

Checking the authenticity of documentation and information submitted with SINP application

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When SINP officials find any doubt or discrepancies in any file, they transfer the file to the SINP Program Integrity Unit (PIU) for verification of the document. SINP Program Integrity Unit (PIU) review these files and contact applicant for further evidence to prove the authenticity of the documents provided to claims point as per the SINP point assessment table.

What SINP Program Integrity Unit can ask?

Program Integrity Unit of the SINP can ask you the following information to ensure that applicants are adhering to the program criteria, policies, and procedures.

Verifiable work experience references

To verify work experience SINP Program Integrity Unit (PIU) can ask two separate work experience references from your current or most recent employer along with following information.

  • Business cards or information showing the official title of each work experience reference.
  • Email address for each work experience reference.
  • NOTE: If the company uses a 3rd party provider, (Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail et al.), as their business email, your Employer must provide the SINP with the main registration (home) page of that 3rd party email provider showing when the email account for the business was registered. These 3rd party email providers will not be accepted for verification without this information.
  • A telephone number for each work experience reference. Mobile numbers will not be accepted for your work experience reference.

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Proof of company operations

SINP Program Integrity Unit (PIU) can also ask you to prove that your company for which you as work really exists or not provide. To authenticate, you have to provide :

  • Links to any internet pages which reference your company such as directories, business reviews, testimonials or professional association pages, etc., so we can verify the existence of the company for which you work.
  • Proof of the physical address of the business.
  • A copy of the business registration for your current employer.
  • A promotional or catalog materials produced by your company
  • Any additional documentation which will assist SINP Program Integrity invalidating your work experience.

Proof of Employment

Further to check the authenticity of your full-time employment they can ask for these documents :

  • Employee Pension or Provident fund statement.
  • General Tax Form or Taxation Exempt (Tax-Free) Form.
  • Income Tax Return Acknowledgement (ITR) form
  • Employee State Insurance

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Proof of Salary

For proof of your salary you need to submit :

  • Document for the payment of a wage or salary slips
  • Bank statement if the salary is credited in the bank account
  • If the salary paid in the case, then the receipts of payment signed by the employer and company record of your payment to bee submitted.

Letter of explanation

SINP Program Integrity Unit (PIU) has right to ask you explanation for any type of discrepancies in you file.

  • Reapplying by changing your NOC as per the demand list.
  • Not disclosing the use of a representative.
  • Updated proof of funds (Funds should not be below the limit at least 3 months prior to your application and during the application)
  • Working in a NOC, which is not related to the field of study.
  • If your sibling is living in another province, then they can ask you about your plan to settle in Saskatchewan province.

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Points to Remember

  • If it is further determined that misrepresentation has occurred, information regarding your file may be shared with other immigration authorities in Canada including the other Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) and the federal government represented by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • It is advised that you don’t try to misrepresent any data, otherwise, you will be in trouble. Better you submit most of these documents with your file to speed up your application.
  • SINP sends a mail to both references provided by you and if they don’t reply, you will get a rejection.
  • Please be careful, as in many cases these emails are received as SPAM, so I recommend you make a new email address before you start your immigration process to avoid excessive spam.

Assessment of the second review

In case you got an ineligibility letter and the reasons for the ineligible decision have been addressed, you are allowed to apply for a second review. However, you are allowed to have only one application in the process, it means if you apply for the second review, you cannot reapply to SINP in their regular intake, till you got the result of the review.

Guidelines of seconds review

  • You must submit the request for a Second Review Form by email to within 45 days of the date that the SINP issued the ineligible letter.
  • The Immigration Representative for your application cannot be changed after this 45-day period.
  • Your signed form must clearly state your reason for a secondary review.
  • You cannot add new supporting documents for the second review until you are asked to do so.
  • If the ineligible decision is upheld after the secondary review, the file will be closed.
Question 1: I have changed the job after applying to SINP. Do I inform SINP?

Answer: If your file is under process, you should immediately report to SINP about the change in circumstances.

Question 2 : SINP sent me ineligibility letter, should I apply for second review or reapply through regular intake ?

Answer: If your NOC is still in demand and your score is above the cutoff, then it is always advised to reapply because the second review can take longer as compared to the processing time of regular application.

Question 3: What if misrepresentation is found in my SINP application ?

Answer: SINP can ban you for 2 years and the data can be shared with IRCC and other province nomination programs.


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18 thoughts on “SINP Program Integrity Unit (PIU) verification”

  1. Very useful information.
    I also got this type of mail.
    Me and my others 5 friends paid through same credit card. So they are suspecting that we have hired a consultant which we don’t.
    What should we do.

    • Prepare a good letter of explanation and add your past 3-4 months credit card statement showing that transaction is not done by a consultant.

  2. I evaluated my highest degree which is MBA, I applied for OID related to Agriculture and I have BSC in Agriculture. CIC says to evaluate the highest degree. SINP is requesting for The ECA to my BSC Agriculsture and i have 10 days to submit which is impossible. What can i do.

    • You can mail to SINP and ask for extension. However, SINP is quite strict and they reject application in case they found any missing document.

  3. I have two questions
    I did ECA from two different organizations,
    Firstly, Both MBA and BBA from WES and got two bachelors(three years and four years)
    Secondly, I got master equivalency from CES for my MBA only. So if the SINP asks for bachelor degree, can I show the WES outcomes ?

    Second question is, I want to change my profession – banking – completely to science or technology. Is it possible after coming with financial NOC ?

  4. My question is : is there an average time an application spends in PIU

  5. I am claiming points on relative but my relative do not want to provide a copy of his pr with his pr number so he hide it. All other details like name , expiry, picture and pr status still visible is that acceptable or can be consider as misinterpretation? Thanks to those who will answer.

  6. I claimed clb8 from ielts to clb converter some show clb7 while some show clb8. Which is correct my scores are L9R7.5W6S7.5.

    • You have CLB 10 in listening, CLB 9 in reading, CLB 7 in writing, CLB 10 in speaking. Your overall CLB is 7 as the lowest is counted to calculate the overall score.

  7. how much time PIU takes and what can be reasons for referring the file to PIU?

    • There is no time limit for PIU. Sometimes it 6 months while other times it may take years.
      The reason for transferring your file may be they have found something suspicious in your documents.
      However, sometimes there are other factors that create doubt like doing multiple payments from the card for fees, multiple applications with experience from the same organization, education and work experience not matching, NOC manipulation, etc

  8. HI there, I have submitted my SINP application. I received document request today asking:

    Medical Insurance with insured number your name, your employer’s name, and record of premium
    payment from employer and employee for the periods of your stated work experience.

    But my employer doesn’t insured me, can some body help what else I can provide or what i can write to the officer

    I am located outside Canada. please

    • You can provide this in written from your employer and submit all possible evidence to prove your employment along with the explanation letter. You can aslo submit your joining letter or offer letter where all the terms and conditions of employment are mentioned.

  9. HI,
    I have applied SINP two times till yet:

    under OID but later on When I improved my IELTS score resultantly improved SINP score, requested authorities to withdraw my application so that i may apply in EE.

    Now received again ITA and submitted application but gone through that clerk who typed made few mistakes as my second designation time line is incorrect and two of my promotion letters have similar correspondence numbers.

  10. another thing viewed that he mentioned Wrong designation for second promotion.

    Now I have decided to withdraw my second application so I may apply with correct information. I have fear that my application my be refer to PIU. If it happens I would be in huge problem.

    Now by giving sincere suggestions to me what do you advise that should I take back/withdraw my application or apply with correction information.

  11. as I have the highest points and have no doubt to receive ITA again very soon. What if I apply with correct information with my application after getting ITA.

    would I be eligible to apply a third time for ITA?
    Hopefully, it would not get any legal issues imposed by SINP. Please tell me all pros and cons of a second withdrawal?

    However, my private (Non-government) employer does not offer pension and social security but I want to arrange them to add them to my file to make more strong my new application.



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