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Dear Friends

First step of your journey of immigration to Canada is to know whether do you eligible to apply or you have to increase your skill-sets to be eligible. Initially most people are confused about their chances to get Canada PR. Here you can provide some basic information and get complete evaluation for Canada Immigration for your profile.

To know what are your chances. Please provide following information :-

  1. Age
  2. Education
  3. Total Work Experience
  4. IELTS Score (if appeared)
  5. Marital Status(if married then spouse education and IELTS score
  6. short description of your job profile to know about NOC (for PNP).

Our experts with do complete evaluation for Canada immigration and let you about all available options for you.

Please feel free to ask any type of guidance on Immigration to Canada, we try our best effort to fulfill your queries.

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86 thoughts on “Free Evaluation for Canada Immigration”

  1. Asma Shuria Koli

    I want to know what are my chances for FSW & PNP.
    Please check below for my information :-

    Age = 29, ( In Aug 31st I will Turn 30)

    Education = Masters ( ECA from CES & WES)

    Total Work Experience = 8 Years (From 2012- Present)

    IELTS Score (if appeared) = CLB7 (LRWS= 7, 7, 6, 7.5)

    Marital Status(if married then spouse education and IELTS score = Married
    Spouse information: ( ECA= One year post Secondary, IELTS= CLB8 (assumed))

    Short description of your job profile to know about NOC (for PNP). College English Teacher (4021)

    1. Dear Asma,
      You have very good credentials. However, your IELTS score is Low. With NOC 4021 you don’t have any chances with PNP. I recommend you to improve your IELTS score in listening and writing. That would certainly increase to chances to get a direct ITA.

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  4. Nilesh


    Does WES evaluates Masters (Masters in Arts) from AMITY university, Uttar Pradesh? (for my wife)

    Does WES evaluates PGDBA from SCDL as master course? (for me)

    Let me know the possibilities as IQAS is not accepting applications till May 2020.

    Let me know from where I can get the evaluation done.


      1. Nilesh

        Thank you for the update. I am thinking of doing through CES, do you have any idea or information about evaluation of PGDBA from SCDL and MA (regular) from Amity University through CES?

        Your guidence will really help

  5. Manideep

    Hey, I am 25 years Old, single with a masters degree. Ielts score is 7777, and I have work experience of 4 years as a validation engineer in pharmaceutical/medical devices field. I could not find this role in NOC list. Could you please verify this job role class. I was able to find similar job roles like manufacturing engineer, quality engineer but not validation listed. Also please tell me what are my chances for this entry.I tried evaluating my profile ended up with 355 score. Is that score ok?

  6. Catherine Basas

    I’m 21 years old Marketing Major Bachelor’s degree holder, wants to work and get PR to Canada. What are the requirements and how?

  7. Kunal Mahajan


    I’m from India. I had done my B.Tech in CSE (4 Years) from Amity University, and planning for a Post Graduate Diploma (1 Year) from IGNOU (Distance Learning).
    Would both of these all together make me claim points for “Two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees” ?

    Moreover, since I had done my Bachelors in Engineering in CS. Is it like your next immediate qualification should be of similar background. Would it be okay if I go for PGD in Intellectual Property Rights or something related to Computer Science need to be done?

    1. Go for a 1 year post graduate diploma from IGNOU. IT’s need not to be related to your past education.
      It will be accepted as Two or more certificates.

  8. Hi, I am from Pakistan. 25 years Age. after IELTS 8777. my score will be 429. 3+ years of experience in software development. Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering. Kindly tell me what are the ways and chances. Thanks

    1. Hello,
      I recommend you to do a 1 year part time course from a institution accepted by WES, It will boost your score to 460.

  9. Hi, I am Ali from Pakistan. I am 26 years old and I am single. I have completed MBA 3.5 years with major Finance in 2018. I have 3 years of work experience in sales and marketing field but not in Finance. I have not taken IELTS yet I can score 6.5 in all (LRWS). Can I apply for PR.

    1. To be eligible for Express entry you need to score at least 6 in each band. However for a realistic chance CLB-9 (LWRS-8777) required in IELTS.

  10. Jagat Jyoti Koirala

    What are the basic requirements to apply for Canada in express entry ? Will you please send me the web side to apply for express entry to Canada ? Will you please send me the side for applying any province of Canada?

  11. Erick Ngosia Wekesa

    Hi What do I need to get to canada. I have a bachelors degree with about 10 years experience.

  12. Harleen kaur

    Kindly tell me about how much education we need to apply canada as PR

  13. Harleen kaur

    Hi ,
    Can you tell me about what the procedure for going to canada both husband and wife ,

  14. Harleen kaur

    Kindly tell me full procedure of applying for PR Canada

  15. bhorlar

    I am 44yrs old with 20yrs experience in NOC is 0122 while my husband’s NOC is 6232 with 20yrs experience as well. I have done my ECA (Masters equivalency) but my husband’s ECA and IELTS are not ready yet. Husband is 45yrs old. What are our chances of migrating to Canada under any of the available programs? The children are 16 and 13yrs old.

    1. bhorlar

      Dear Team, I’m still expecting your response to this:

      I am 44yrs old with 20yrs experience in NOC is 0122 while my husband’s NOC is 6232 with 20yrs experience as well. I have done my ECA (Masters equivalency) but my husband’s ECA and IELTS are not ready yet. Husband is 45yrs old. What are our chances of migrating to Canada under any of the available programs? The children are 16 and 13yrs old.

      Kindly assist to enable us take a decision.

    2. Dear bhorlar
      Unfortunately these noc are not in demand in any province.
      However you can check if you job responsibilities match with Noc 1114,1111 as these noc are in demand in Nova Scotia.
      This province open once a year for 500 application with prior notice.

  16. Vijaynarayanan

    Hi iam vijaynarayanan.iam 23year old.completed Diploma in ECE 2015.Iam a to apply canada PR visa.plz help to go for canada.i live canada.

  17. Hlo
    I am Jagat Jyoti Koirala from Nepal,South Asia.I have passed Master degree in Education ,planning and management .I studied Education science in bachelor level .I have working experience of more than 15 years in teaching field. I had 5.5 IELTs score in 2013 .I am married with two kids below 12 years.My wife had passed Masters in health education .She has experienced in teaching pre primary kids more than 5 years.
    I am so interested to work and stay in Canada with my family .Hiw can apply for canada in low cost since I havenot so much bank balance for expenses.I am aearching for providing me job offer in Canada and my sponsor so that I promised to pay back after coming and working in Canada.
    Can anybody sponsor me to go Canada ?
    Please please please help me to Settle in Canada.
    Mail mevthe true person .
    +977 9848049921

    1. Dear Jagat
      If of all, it is very difficult to get job offer while you are outside Canada.
      Looking at your profile, it is quite difficult for you to get a direct ITA. However, you can seek a province nomination as your occupation, early child educator is in demand in many province.
      You have to reappear in IELTS as score is valid only for 2 years. You need to get at least 6 band in module.

  18. bhorlar

    I am 44yrs old, 20yrs experience in NOC is 0122 while my husband’s NOC is 6232 with 20yrs experience as well. I have done my ECA (Masters equivalency) but my husband’s ECA and IELTS are not ready yet. Husband is 45yrs old. What are our chances of immigrating to Canada?

  19. Guneet Kaur

    Hi, my age is 34. I am working in Axa XL in cat modeling team as deputy manager. I have an experience of more than 10 years. I am post graduate in HR from SCDL.
    My spouse is a graduate and working in royalty distribution process in Accenture. He is a graduate. I would be the main applicant.
    I am preparing for IELTS. If I score the desired bands in it, like 7778 then what is the probability of PR. If my points does not suffice for express entry, then can u please guide me for Alberta PNP

    1. Dear Guneet,
      If you both are able to get CLB 9 (7778), then you will have CRS of 445. With current CRS trend it looks quite dicey to get an ITA. You can add 6 points if you can score 8.5 in listening and 8 in reading which is not much difficult.(You can expect CRS around 450 at year end)
      One more thing I have considered your MBA as masters in Canadian equivalency. IF it is accept as second degree then you will loose 7 points.
      For ECA you have to apply for IQAS as WES does not recognized SCDL and processing time for IQAS is Approx. 5 months. So I recommend you to apply asap are you are losing points on age.
      For PNP, I need to know NOC of both of you.
      Feel free to ask further queries.

  20. farheen

    dear sir,

    I am a telecom engineer my husband is an MBBS doctor. we have a baby girl. plz, tell us a suitable way to move Canada. my documents are under process

      1. farheen

        I am the age of 36 and my husband is of 38 yeara old. He is working in the ministry of health KSA since 2010. and I had 7 years of teaching experience.

        1. Dear Farheen,
          You do not have enough points even if you get CLB 9 in IELTS, However, If you have experience as early childhood educator, you seek a nomination from Nova Scotia and Alberta, as these NOC is in demand in both these province.

  21. Jason Lovero Latorre

    Hello. My dream is to study and migrate to Canada. I am 19 years old from Philippines. Thank you so much. 😊

  22. Alphonse koala

    i !!!me i am freezers and air conditionnaires technictien ! I just got my bacaloriat in rhis domaine and i want to study in canada and word there plaese if can help me.

  23. Hi,
    I am Amit, 33 years old, scored 6.5 bands in IELTS last year.
    I have 6.5 years of work experience in Sales.
    I am working in a Steel trading Japanese company in India.
    I am an Engineering Graduate in Mechanical & Post graduate diploma in Marketing.
    I am Married, my wife is a post graduate in English.
    My son is studying in kindergarten.

    Can I apply for PR with family & what will be the chances, what category should I apply for??
    I don’t know about NOC etc…

    Thank you!

    1. Dear Amit,
      First of all I need to know your individual bands in IELTS (LWRS) as overall score does not matter. If you have minimum 6 in each band, you can make EE profile.
      However, IF you can upgrade your IELTS score to CLB-9 (L-8,W-7,S-7,R-7)(both husband and wife), then it can boost your score to 445 and at that level you may get a direct ITA.
      However, if your wife have any work experience, then she can also apply as principal applicants and she also have post graduation so overall CRS will increase.
      Remember, your crs start reducing after age of 29.
      For NOC , you can share your CV on my email id

  24. HR sharma

    Dear Sir/mam,

    My wife is graduate & she is 33 year Old…She has an Experience around 5 year in Logistics Field. even i have 8 year experience in same field but i am not graduate.
    Wifes IELTS band is 5.5 in each module.

    Pls advise our score & also advise us best option to apply.

    1. Dear,
      Your wife need to score 6 in each band to be eligible for express Entry. However she don’t able to get direct ITA.
      She don’t have post graduation and she’s also losing points on age.
      So only option for you is go for PNP.
      I advise you to improve her IELTS score ( at least 6 band in each module ) and complete your ECA.
      I need to know some of the job responsibilities of your wife to figure out her NOC, so that I can let you know for which province you can apply.

  25. My wife has Bsc in Banking and finance. Is it compulsory to get ECA report for her assuming the 8 points attached to the degree on express entry profile is not required?

  26. Abraham

    Hi, I also wish to immigrate to Canada, any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Age: 36
    Education: BS Computer Engineering
    Total Work Experience: 11
    Marital Status: Married
    NOC: 2281 2282 2283

    I haven’t taken any English test yet, if I get IELTS 6 for each module, what are my chances for getting PR?

    Thank You

    1. Dear Abraham
      With current situation you are only able to score 279. However as your are married, if your spouse has bachelor degree,then it can add 8 points and try to score 6.5 in each band. In this case your CRS will be 305 and your will be eligible for AINP under 2282 NOC. But this doesn’,t guarantee you a NOI as it depends on the number of higher ranked candidates in this NOC.

      1. Abraham

        Thank you so much for your reply, my wife is an admin assistant with 10 years work experience, Who has a better chance of getting NOI, who should be the principal applicant? Thanks again

  27. ferds cruz

    Hi. I’m an IT professional, 43yrs.old working in UAE as a system administrator. My NOC is 2281 – Computer network technicians. what are my chances in Canada even I don’t have a job offer yet, considering I passed IELTS 6 for each module? How much money I need to move to Canada.

    1. Currently,your NOC is not in demand in any province but New Brunswick PNP has issued NOI to this NOC in the past and they do give preference to the people who have attended there informative sessions.They also conduct these sessions in Dubai.
      keeping checking this website and do attend their session. Don’t forget to register as they allow limited people.
      Amount money you will require to show in your account will depend on your size of family.
      Number of
      family members Funds required
      (in Canadian dollars)
      1 $12,669
      2 $15,772
      3 $19,390
      4 $23,542
      5 $26,701
      6 $30,114
      7 $33,528
      However , to know about other expenses during process you can check my post.

      Don’t forget to subscribe via mail for future updates.

  28. m Bilal

    I have done bsc in civil engineering and currently finished msc civil engineering course work and three years experience.once i have given ielts in which my score around there any chance without ielts.kindly some one guide

    1. If you are able to get 6 band in each module in IELTS , you can create express entry profile and apply for Nova Scotia PNP, as your noc 2131 is in demand there.
      NSPNP opens once or twice a year with prior information.

  29. Nikita

    Hello Sir.. would like to ask one question to you.. is there any chance or way to get or apply for PR with mentioned below band score..
    Writing- 6

    1. You can’t apply via express entry, as minimum requirement for express entry is 6 band in each module. However, you can apply for PNP SINP OID category if your NOC is in demand there.

    2. Ramana Swamy


      My name is Ramana, i am 33 years old, Software professional with 8+ years of experience. I did my master’s in computer applications. How much should i score in ielts assuming my wife (she did her master’s in pharmacypharmacy) will score a band of 5.5 or 6 overall in ielts. Awaiting for your response. You could also mail me @ incase you need any further details


      1. Dear Ramana , you need to score CLB-9 (LWRS-8777) in Ielts. As you have masters, your CRS will be above 455 and you will get a direct ITA.
        I recommend you to start your process asap as you have started losing points for age.

      1. Francel Aquino

        36yrs old, bachelor in computer science with 9 yrs experience currently working in KSA

        1. In current scenario if you are able to achieve IELTS score of L-8 SWR-7 each. Then your CRS would be 396.
          Which is not enough to get direct ITA. Therefore PNP is the only option left for your.
          I need some of your job responsibilities to calculate your NOC.
          We can apply for pnp if your noc is in demand there.

                  1. Francel Aquino

                    I have sent my resume please check when you have time, thanks

                    1. Dear Francel Aquino, according to the information provided, your NOC is either 2174 or 2175.
                      You can check job responsibilites here
                      Choose the NOC which better suits your job profile. Remember you have to get a reference letter stating your roles and responsibility and 80 % these should match with reference responsibility provided on above website.
                      Now, if you choose NOC 2174, then you can apply for SINP, as it is in demand there. You can submit an EOI on sinp Website and wait for an NOI.Please get ready your ECA and IELTS before applying.
                      One more thing, to get SINP nomination in NOC 2174 you should have a license to practice in SINP. you can apply for license while you are outside Canada and SINP will hold your application till you get your license.

                  2. Jyoti lakhanpal

                    I want to apply for early educator & plz tell me the correct process to apply

                    1. Hello Jyoti,
                      Please share your age, education level, ielts score (if appeared), marital status (if married then spouse education and ielts score (if appeared).

            1. Hie,
              I am 33 yrs old have done Masters in mass communication and working as a music teacher. In total I have 9 yrs of experience. My sister is a PR in Canada and lives in Ontario.
              Guide me for the PR process.

              1. Please provide following information to evaluate your profile :
                1. Are you married or single.
                2. Do you appeared for IELTS.
                3. Do you done with ECA ( if not then please name the university of your graduation and post graduation ( distance or regular))

                1. 1. I am married but my husband doesn’t wish to go now as he is having a business here.

                  2. I have not given my exam yet.

                  3. I have done a regular graduation from Delhi university and done Masters from distance education from kurukshetra university.

                  1. Your CRS will be 445-455 considering you are able to score CLB 9 in IELTS (L-8,S-7,W-7,R-7 bands).
                    Your education may be accepted either as masters or two degrees (in both case you have enough CRS). As your Sister(blood relation) is in Ontario, you have strong case with OIPNP in case CRS score in draw doesn’t come down (current range 450-470). I recommend you to apply with accompanying spouse as he can come back after doing landing formalities but in both case your have enough points.
                    So, in a nutshell, you have a strong profile, so appear for IELTS, try to score CLB 9 and start your ECA process.

  30. Jason Lovero Latorre

    I hope I can go to Canada to study and work as well. Thank you.

    1. Yes apart from PR, these options are also available but getting a job offer while you are outside Canada is quite difficult.

      1. Hello !
        my name is YAM
        i live in Sweden and i want to move Canada

        i have degree *’ International Migration and Ethnic Relations.”

        What should I do to live and work in Canada?

        Any advice!

        Thank you!

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