Alberta Express Entry Stream

The Alberta Express Entry Stream allows Alberta to nominate a limited number of qualified candidates from IRCC”s Express Entry system. Alberta Express Entry Stream has announced that they will target candidates who have demonstrated strong ties to Alberta or “ who can help support the government’s economic development and diversification priorities” means they will also invite people from outside Canada with no job offer and connection to Canada.

International graduates who have completed their studies from Canadian post-secondary institutions are also eligible to submit an application under this stream.

Selection from Express Entry pool and Notification of Interest process for AINP :

Based on available profile information in the Express Entry portal, Alberta may select candidates and send them a Notification of Interest letter in their federal Express Entry profile. This information is self-declared by candidates in the Express Entry pool.

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You may receive a Notification of Interest letter if you :

  • Have an active Express Entry profile in the federal Express Entry pool
  • Have stated an interest in immigrating permanently to Alberta
  • Are working in an occupation that supports Alberta’s economic development and diversification, and
  • Have a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System score of 300.

If you have one or more of the following adaptability factors, this may increase your likelihood of receiving a Notification of Interest letter :

  • Alberta job offer and/or work experience
  • A graduate of a Canadian post-secondary institution
  • A relative that is living in Alberta: parent, child, brother and/or sister

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If you meet one or more of the following factors, this may decrease your likelihood of receiving a Notification of Interest letter:

If you receive a Notification of Interest letter from Alberta, you must email a copy of the letter to the AINP at within two weeks of receiving it in your federal Express Entry profile. You must also provide your Express Entry profile number and status information about current and past AINP applications/nominations (if applicable).

The AINP will confirm your information and may send you an email requesting you to submit an application, including a form to fill out and a document checklist listing all required documents. There is no fee to submit an application.

How AINP conducts selection draws :

AINP conducts draws after a regular interval of time and invite candidates according to the required numbers as per their inventory level.

Must visit : AINP Expess Entry draw page

AINP Express Entry Draws:

Draw DateNo of NOI issuedLowest CRS Candidate

AINP Express Entry Targeted NOC  :

Although, AINP has not declared any list for occupation in demand but candidates with following NOC have received NOI in recent past.

  • NOC 0601 – Corporate sales managers.
  • NOC 0621 – Retail and wholesale trade managers.
  • NOC 0631 – Restaurant and food service managers.
  • NOC 0731 – Managers in transportation.
  • NOC 1122 – Professional occupations in business management consulting.
  • NOC 1215 – Supervisors, supply chain, tracking and scheduling    co-ordination occupations.
  • NOC 1221 – Administrative officers.
  • NOC 1241 – Administrative assistants.
  • NOC 1242 – Legal administrative assistants.
  • NOC 1311 – Accounting technicians and bookkeepers
  • NOC 2132 – Mechanical engineers.
  • NOC 2145 – Petroleum engineers.
  • NOC 2173 – Software engineers and designers.
  • NOC 2253 – Drafting technologists and technicians.
  • NOC 2282 – User support technicians.    
  • NOC 3012 – Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses.
  • NOC 4011 – University instructor.
  • NOC 4214 – Early childhood educators and assistants.
  • NOC 7245 – Telecommunications line and cable workers.
  • NOC 7246 – Telecommunications installation and repair workers.
  • NOC 8232 – Oil and gas well drillers, servicers, testers and related workers.

AINP is inviting candidates according to their economy and job market priorities.Therefore, the list of NOC will keep changing.

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96 thoughts on “Alberta Express Entry Stream”

  1. How can I apply ?
    Please guide.

  2. What is the process of single or devorced one?With child? Please tell me .

    • Please provide following information information.
      Age, level of education, Total work experience and occupation.

  3. Age 36
    B.s.s (hons)in social welfare
    M.S.S. in Social Welfare
    Working as a Senior Teacher at Motijheel Model School And College till 2012

  4. Hi,
    I’m 40 years old and living in Paris..
    I’m working as supervisor in 5 star hotel in Paris since 2011..
    I would like to apply for PR of Canada..
    What is the procedure for French resident??


  5. Can I still apply for it if I don’t have a high school level?
    I’ve been working as assistant store manager for the past year and half.

    • Yes you can apply but your CRS would be very low without graduation.
      What is your age, marital status and IELTS score.

  6. Jhello

    I am 40, yeats old, te le comunicar ion a and electrónica engineer and telematics máster degree.

    Can apply?

  7. Hi, I am 45 years old and my job experience category falls under the NOC 1221 and 1241. I cannot apply under EE but PNP. How do I do this,thanks

    • Your NOC is in demand in AINP but you need to have a CRS of atleast 300 to be eligible for AINP.
      What is your education level and your IELTS score.

  8. I have over 10 years working experience thought I don’t speak French

    • 2 degrees are fine but you need to get CLB 9 (L-8,S-7,R-7,W-7) in IELTS to cross 300 mark in CRS and to be eligible for AINP. As your are appearing for IELTS next month , also try to get ready your ECA, so that you can seek a NOI from AINP.

      • Thanks for the response. I work towards it

  9. I have 2 bachelor degrees though I have not sat for IELTS exam. I will be writing my exam next month July

  10. Hello I have 11 years working experience as accounting staff and 5 years experience as payroll officer. Do I have a chance to work there?

  11. Hello I’m 42 yrs. Old, I’m working before at mc Donalds Phil’s as a crew chief, crew trainor. for 4yrs. And then I go abroad here in Dubai, I work as a service crew in Hardee’s restaurant for 4yrs, and now I’m in the office as office assistant and I’m almost 9yrs now here up to present, I’m under graduate, I took up bachelor in science in business administration, only in 3rd yr and I stop bcoz of lack of money, do I have a chance, thanks!

    • If you had graduation, then only you were able to score of 300 crs ( a condition for AINP ) with higher IELTS score because you are losing majority of your points due to age. However, many other PNP don’t have such boundation. Could you please share your NOC to check eligibility for other PNP.

  12. my wife is Accountant with NOC 1111,is she eligible? she is 34yrs,10 years experience in banking but doesnt speak french?

    • If you are talking about AINP, then currently she don’t have any chance as her NOC is not in demand but if she has master’s education, then CLB-9 in IELTS can bring her a federal ITA.

  13. hello i am 35 year old and having experience in purchase & in international sourcing and marketing,
    and i have overall and relevant experience 10 years, i have my relatives in Alberta, am i eligible to apply under ** A relative that is living in Alberta: parent, child, brother and/or sister ** this.
    pls advise.

    • Having relative ( blood relation ) in Alberta will certainly increase your chances for AINP. Do you have Ielts score and ECA report ?

  14. I am an electrical engineer with 13 years experience. I am 43 years old and I have a brother leaving in Alberta. I have ECA already and my IELTS score is R 6, W 7, S 7, L 7. What are my chances of immigrating?

    • *Correction please. I have a brother who is resident in Alberta.

    • Dear IFY,
      AINP do give preference to the candidates having connection to Alberta but remember you need to have crs score of 300. To calculate CRS score, I need to know if you are married if yes, then what is your spouse’s education level and ielts score.

      • I am married and my wife has BSc in Banking and finance. She has not taken IELTS yet. I have tried calculating my CRS score with IELTS (L,W,S,R-8,7,7,7) and saw that it got to 334 points even with my wife not writing IELTS. My concern is with my NOC code 2133- Electrical Engineer since i have not seen anyone who has been nominated with the same NOC code.

        • Dear IFY
          You are right but AINP don’t have any defined list of occupation in demand.They also give preference to people with adaptability factors because retention percentage of such applicants are very high.
          If we talk about CRS as per my calculation, you are only scoring 278 points.You can re verify on CIC website.
          The only option for you is to improve your Ielts specially L-8 and R-7. Remember you are losing points on age.

  15. Hi, i am 37 years old, Married with 2 kids. BS Industrial Engineering graduate but working as an admin assistant for 11 years.

    Am i eligible to apply? Please advise. Thanks

    • Dear Joann
      Admin assistant is in demand in AINP but to be eligible you need to have CRS score of 300. To attain this score you need a decent score in Ielts (atleast 6.5 in each module). Being a married applicant you can also get some points for your spouse education and ielts.

  16. Hello, I would love to know my chances of receiving a Notification of Interest letter:

    Age: 36
    Marital Status: Married
    Current Job: IT Support Staff for 11 years
    Education: Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

    Thank you

    • Hello Bryn,
      There a lots of NOC for Computer science engineers but they have issued NOI to 2173 (Software engineers and designers ). IF you belongs to this NOC, then you certainly have a chance.What is your IELTS score, if you are good at english, try to get CLB 9 as CRS of above 400 will increase you chances. However, minimum requirement for AINP is CRS 300.

      • Hello sir my name is sumit Sharma my age is 25 my higher education is Bachelor of arts and I am a cook I have experience approx 3 year can I apply immragation canada. How much chance to get immragation there.

  17. Dear sir/madam, i from bangladesh, my passion your country in jobs. How do apply, please help me?

  18. Hello sir my name is sumit Sharma my age is 25 my higher education is Bachelor of arts and I am a cook I have experience approx 3 year can I apply immragation canada. How much chance to get immragation there.

    • Hello Sumit,
      With 3 years years of experience and bachelor’s degree and IELTS score of CLB-9 (l-8,w-7,s-7,r-9) your CRS score will be 429. However with your NOC 6322 ( cooks), you have chance of getting province nomination or you can opt for a year distance course from IGNOU which will boost your CRS to 460.
      Better you complete you ECA and appear for IELTS and make Express entry profile. So that , if any Province start intake for your NOC you can apply immediately.

  19. Dear Sir,
    I am from Pakistan.I am working as a meter reader in Government’s electric company
    from 2000 (18yrs) duties Customer services, data collecting.I also have 2 yrs experience as section supervisor in same Company.
    Education-Bachelor of Arts + two yrs Herbalist Course
    IELTS- no
    Marital Status- Married
    Sir, I would love to know my chances

    • Dear Mushtaq,
      You are not able to get direct ITA as you are loosing points on age.
      For PNP I need to know your job duties to figure out your NOC. Remember even with a good IELTS score you have a very less chances with PNP.

  20. Hi good day, pls I want to know if I am eligible for AINP
    Occupation:tailoring with 4years experience Economics

  21. Hi,
    I’m a 44yr old lady married with 2 children. I’ve 20yrs sales and marketing experience in the banking sector. I have a friend resident in Alberta. I have my ECA and IELTS score is L8 S9 R8 W9. What are my chances with AINP?

      • I have B.Sc Hons in Economics (2nd class upper) and MBA verified by WES.
        Husband has 2 degrees but no ECA and IELTS yet

    • Dear Bhorlar,
      With current IELTS score and ECA you can score over 350 CRS, I hope you have EE profile. If yes the please share your NOC code or some of the job duties. You cannot get any preference for friend in Alberta. Check if you can match with the one of the NOC in demand list.

  22. Hi, my CRS is 369. NOC 1241, 4212 and 4151. Do I have to be currently working in 1241 and 4212 to get NOI? Present NOC 4151

    • If you have EE profile and selected Albert as one of the destination province. Then you have to wait, Ainp will issue a noi if they find your profile suitable.
      Remember your EE profile should not be expiring in next 3 months.

      • Thank you. EE profile created on June 1, 2019. I will patiently wait for NOI.

  23. Hi, my CRS is 369. NOC 1241, 4212 and 4151. Do I have to be currently working in 1241 and 4212 to get NOI? Present NOC 4151

    • Hi, I am an hr and have total of 22 years of experience. What will be my noc and am I eligible for AINP. My IELTS score card is L-8.5, S- 7.5, W-6, R-6.5. what are my chances

      • Hello Shaija,
        Noc can only be calculated relative to your job responsibilities. Can you share your job responsibilities. Also your age and education to calculate points.

  24. Hello
    My age is 29 and I have done Graduate and I am software engineer. i have total 8 years experience in IT filed. Should i eligible for this ?

    • Yes, you are eligible for this if your job responsibilities matches noc 2173. You have appear for ielts and get your eca done.

          • Make EE profile and select Alberta as one of the destination province. AINP will issue NOI, if they find your profile suitable.

  25. I have an active profile. My Noc is 1221 and my crs is 350. I selected Alberta as the province I will like to be in. I have not gotten any NOI from them.
    Is there anything am doijg wrong?
    Please assist me.

  26. Hello,
    I am 34,I have over 6 years work experience. My crs is 350 and my NOC os 1241. Am married.
    I created my profile May 24th but did not get a NOI in the last draw. What do you think is the possible reason. I also chose Alberta specifically as a province.

    • Dear Margaret,
      AINP is not issuing NOI to all NOC in each draw.Moreover, most of the candidates invites by AINP with CRS less than 400 has a connection to Alberta. SO, for people with no connection they are preferring people with crs more than 400.

  27. How can one apply for AINP. Or do they select from the Express Entry Poll?

    • Dear Edith,
      For AINP you have to select AINP as one of the destination province while making EE profile. AINP issue NOI in EE profile itself.

  28. hello
    Iam ahmed from morocco 38 years old I am interested by your job spa receptipnist so I have a long experience in a spa here in a famous hotel palace as therapist hamman agent and a long experience of work in travel agency with guests i speak english and french
    so if you need my professional experience iam ready to work with you

  29. Hello
    My NOC is NOC 1242 – Legal administrative assistants.
    I Have been in the pool with CRS 445
    Alberta didnt pick me yet.

    • Dear Sleek A
      AINP choose different NOC in each draw and they never disclose which NOC they have selected in a specific draw. Some time they already have sufficient application in a specific NOC.
      DO check if you have selected Alberta as one of the destination province and your profile should not be expiring in next 3 months.

  30. Hi,

    Please check my profile if I’m eligible for PNP or EE directly.


    Age: 34
    Education: B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
    Xp: 10 years (6 years in Tetra Pak)
    IELTS: L 8, R 8, W 7, S 7
    Age: 33
    Education: Bachelor’s in English
    Xp: 5 years as primary school teacher
    IELTS: L7, R 7, W 6, S 7.5


  31. Hello,

    I am age 28.
    Education :BSc Environmental management and Technology
    Work experience 5 years in social compliance field.
    I am not sure whether I could be fit to NOC 1122 and eligible for EE.
    And do i need to apply for PNP or they will select me from the pool ?
    please advise.
    thank you!

  32. Hi,
    I’ve been working for more than 15 years as a management consultant and ISO auditor. So, if I want to apply for NOC 1122, does it need to get assessment by WES?
    Also, could you please give me advise on which PNP accept my NOC
    Thanks a million.

  33. Hi, what are the prospects of Jobs/opportunities in Alberta ? is my EILTS score good enough ?

    IELTS – 8.5/7/7.5/7.5 in LRWS
    NOC -0731
    Work Ex: 11 Years

    • You have healthy chances, given your CRS is above 400. People with same NOC received NOI in the past.

  34. Can you tell me if AINP is accepting noc 1212. Is it in demand or not? Or if you could confirm me that they’re not rejecting 1212. On a website I found that it’s in moderate demand but it’s updated in last year, and I couldn’t find current situation for that code. Could you please help me. Thanks

  35. Hi. I am working as teacher from 2013 to till date.
    Dob 29-10-91.
    Qualification -Ma,b;ed
    IELTS score W5.5/R5.5/L7/S6.5
    Spouse and infant ..
    Is ther any chance..

    • Hello Vanshul
      You need to upgrade your IELTS score to 6 bands at least to apply through express entry. If you are a primary school teacher, you have good chances with Nova sCOTIA PNP.

  36. Hi! Me and my husband, with my little daughter are from Argentina and want to apply for EE to Alberta. My husband has a bachelor degree in culinary arts but his most work experience is in noc 1221. He has just a year or less in chef position. Has he have any posibilities to apply for EE? he is 29 y old, has two degrees in culinary arts and a good level of english. I also have two bachelor degrees and a good level of english. Thanks for your time.

  37. my sister has done mba from india
    experience 4+ yrs as administrative officer in university
    age 29
    ilets result waiting

    please guide which esa is best
    what noc will be
    can we apply express or pnp
    which province will be best

    • Hello Sandhu,
      For NOC she needs to share job responsiblites.
      For ECA she can go with WES for fast service. However, ECA does not recognise Indian MBA in most cases and evaluate it as a second degree. It depends on the University and mode of education ( Regular / correspondence).
      Application to the PNP solely depends on the NOC.
      If her MBA accepted and she score 7778 (SWRL) in IELTS, a direct ITA through Express Entry is possible.

  38. hi,
    I have a Canadian diploma certificate, age 28, with 2 degrees, ielts score: L-7, R-6, W-6, S-7.5, i have my ECA report as well.

    i am eligible for EE profile.

    My NOC code is 6322 – cook.

    what are the chances of me getting a NOI? and when are the draws starting again?

  39. I also have 4 years of work experience under my NOC


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