Canada Express Entry Mid-Year Review-2019

Year 2019 has been a disappointment for most of the people seeking ITA for Canada PR, as the CRS remained on higher side. There was significant drop in CRS in January, when 3 draws were conducted in a month, Score of 438 was seen, which is ultimately lowest in the year so far. After that brief period CRS score remained above 450 across all draws. As usual a FSTP (Federal Skill Trade Program) draw was conducted in May, inviting 500 applicants with minimum CRS being 332.Till now, 41800 ITA’s has been issued. CIC has been consistently inviting 3750 candidates in each draw barring 2 draws in January and 1 FSTP draw in May.  

Comparing with past trend:

CIC has issued more number for ITA’s as compared to 2018 but they are lagging if we compare with 2017. However, In 2017, their progress was slowed down in the second half of year. So, the overall approach is quite similar to the year 2018 because of some changes implemented in the ITA process. They introduced Tie-Breaker rule in late 2017, as a result they are able to invite constant number of applicants in draw each draw.

Year 2019 seems to follow last year in term of CRS as well. As the trend shows CRS score fluctuated in the first half of the year and eventually settling towards a stable trend in the second half of the year.  

Note : FSTP draw not included in data.

NO of ITA issued in each draw:

CIC tends to increase the number of ITA issued in each draw in the second half of the year. As the graph indicates, in the year 2018, Express Entry took up speed in the later half of the year, as CIC increased number of ITA in each draw towards the end of the year. Eventually, 50100  ITA issued in second half as compared to the 39800 in the first half of the year.

Note : FSTP draw not included in data.

Canadian immigration target is rising gradually and we can expect rise in number of ITA per draw , eventually lowering the score as more than 50,000 ITA to be issued in the second half of the year.

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