Canada PR Fees hiked up to 50 %

Canada pr visa fees

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has decided to hike Canada PR processing fees for various categories for foreign nationals who wish to become permanent residents ,which will come in effect from 30th April, 2020.The fees that foreign nationals pay include operational, processing and service delivery costs related to all permanent residence immigration programs. These fees are set to be revised every 2 years , in accordance with the cumulative percentage increase to the Consumer Price Index for Canada, rounded to the nearest five dollars. Next revision in the fees are set to take place in April,2022.

The new regulations come into effect on April 30, at 9 a.m. EDT. Completed applications received before this time will be processed in accordance with the current fee schedule. Applications received on or after that time that do not include the correct fees will be returned to the applicant as incomplete.

Key Points :

Canada PR processing fees for economic class applicants are increased upto 50 per cent as follows:

  • Fees for principal applicants of the Economic business class (self-employed, start-up visa, Quebec investor, Quebec entrepreneur, and Quebec self-employed) will increase by 50 per cent from $1,050 to $1,575;
  • Fees for principal applicants as well as for spouse or common-law partners in the economic non-business class will go up from $550 to $825, which is an increase of 50 per cent. This increase will not apply to principal applicants and their families in the Caregivers programs, which will remain unchanged;
  • Fees for dependent children of all economic classes will go up from $150 to $225;
  • Fees for the right of permanent resident will increase from $490 to $500, which is an increase of two per cent.

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These fees are increased to  reduce the subsidization burden on the taxpayer for permanent resident programs and services. This is achieved through sharing the cost burden more equitably with permanent resident applicants, who benefit from the services.

As per CIC, Canada PR processing fees have not been revised since 2002, even in proportion with increase in inflation, Therefore, it doesn’t reflect the actual total cost of managing and implementing permanent residence programs. As a result of inflation alone over the past 18 years, fees have lost 34% of their value. As such, fees collected from Permanent Resident applicants now cover only about 35% of total costs of services provided.

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Services not affected :

Fees for other service like permanent resident cards, permanent resident travel documents and certification or replacement immigration documents will not increase.

What to expect in future :

According to Canadian Govt., during the second phase, beginning in 2022-2023, all application fees in the Economic, Family and Humanitarian classes, as well as the Right of Permanent Residence Fee, will be increased on a biennial basis to ensure that fees remain consistent with inflation.

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