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New Brunswick PNP is the part of the Canada Province Nomination Program or PNP. Under these programs, a quota is allocated every year to the province to nominate the candidates under programs, which allows potential candidates to work and settle in the province. The PNP program is the easiest way to immigrate to Canada. Moving to New Brunswick is much easier for inland applicants as compared to the outland applicant New Brunswick PNP is designed to give preference to the candidates who have a connection to the New Brunswick province. These programs are designed to meet the skill shortage and labor requirements of the local employers.

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New Brunswick PNP streams

Currently 4 streams are active under New Brunswick PNP :

  • NB Express Entry stream
  • NB Skilled Worker stream
  • NB Entrepreneurial stream
  • NB Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream

NB Express Entry stream

This stream provides an opportunity for the candidates who are willing to work and live in the New Brunswick province and meet the requirement of NBPNP.

New Brunswick PNP continuously explores the Federal Express Entry pool to invite the potential candidates who can contribute towards the growing need demand of the skilled workers in the province. Candidates selected in this manner will receive a Notification or Letter of Interest (LOI) from the Province of New Brunswick via their Federal Express Entry account.

Those Candidates who do receive a Letter of Interest from the Province of New Brunswick should register themselves In the NBPNP INB portal and submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the NB Express Entry Stream and they need to contact New Brunswick PNP official over the mail and send LOI described format. Once your LOI is verified and acknowledge receipt of your message, then an Invitation to Apply (ITA) is issued to the New Brunswick Express Entry Stream via your INB Notification Centre. 

However, apart from receiving NOI in their Express Entry profile. Candidates also have an option to submit their Express of Internet through the INB portal. Following are the eligibility requirements to submit the EOI :

  • The candidate must have an active Express Entry profile with a valid Federal Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code.
  • The NOC code for the current occupation of the applicant must be from NOC level 0, A, or B.
  • The candidates must a document to prove a valid worth permit in Canada.
  • The candidate must be currently living and working with the province.
  • A valid language score with a minimum score of Clb 9 in each module is required.
  • A minimum education equivalent to the Canadian HIgh school, diploma with a valid ECA is required.
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NB Skilled Worker stream

Those candidates who have an offer of employment from New Brunswick employers and have intend to work and live in New Brunswick province can apply under the NB Skilled Worker stream of NBPNP. This stream provides an opportunity for NB employer to hire a foreign national who meets the skill education and work experience according to their requirement and that position cannot be filled by a Canadian resident or citizen.

NB Skilled Worker stream requirements :

  • The age of the candidate must be between 19 to 55 years during the process of immigration to New Brunswick.
  • Candidate must have at least 60 points on the NBPNP assessment table.
  • A valid job offer from an eligible New Brunswick employer in  National Occupational Classification (NOC) Skill Level 0, A, or B.
  • For job offers in NOC Skill Level C or D NOC type 1, 3, 7, 8, or 9 are valid.
  • For the employer, the business should have been in operation for at least 1 year at the time of application.
  • The employer must able to prove that they are not able to find a Canadian permanent resident or citizen of some competency for that specific position.
  • The employer should meet the BCPNP employer requirements.
  • The applicant should have sufficient work experience in the same NOC in which the job is offered.
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NB Entrepreneurial stream

The NB Entrepreneurial stream of NBPNP is started for the applicant who has experience of operating a business or have been on a senior position in business and are willing to become permanent residents by owning a business in New Brunswick (NB) and managing it while residing in the Province.

Requirements of NB Entrepreneurial stream.

  • The age of the candidate must be between 19 to 55 years during the process of immigration to New Brunswick.
  • The applicant must have an eligible connection to New Brunswick province.
  • Participation in an Entrepreneurial Stream information session is required within the last 24 months or a visit to New Brunswick province for at least 5 days in the last 24 months.
  • Minimum Language proficiency of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 5 in English or French.
  • A minim personal net worth of at least $600,000 CAD is required and out of the total amount, $300,00 CAD must be readily available.
  • Candidate must be able to invest at least $250,000 CAD in the business they start or purchase in New Brunswick.
  • At least a three-year full-time bachelor’s degree or a minimum 2-year full-time diploma from a specific trade.
  • Work experience of three years out of the last five years in operating a business with a minimum of two employees under supervision is mandatory.
  • Applicants must have at least a 33.3 % share in the business, they have operating experience.
  • Candidate must have at least 65 points on the New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream Assessment Grid. Candidates must have at least one-third share in the business they willing to start or purchase in New Brunswick.
  • The business must of the private sector and create at least 2 fulltime jobs for Canadian citizens or residents.
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NB Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream

The NB Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial of NBPNP Stream is designed for the foreign students who want to settle in the New Brunswick province permanently and have studied for a least two years n fulltime form a recognized university in New Brunswick (NB). Tne international student must have started or acquired business for at least one year, while on a valid Post-Graduate Work Permit.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The age of the candidate must be between 22-40 years.
  • Minimum language requirement of Canadian Language Benchmark Test (CLB) 7 in speaking, listening, reading, and writing competencies in English or French.
  • Applicant must have completed a full-time post-secondary degree or diploma for at least two years (15 hours of class per week)  from a recognized university or community college in New Brunswick.
  • Applicant must have operated or owned a business in New Brunswick for the latest one year with100 % share in the business while on a post-graduation work permit.
  • Must have the intention and ability to settle in New Brunswick.
  • Learn more about the NB Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream.

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