IRCC issues guidelines for COPR & PRV holders

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) released guidelines for the applicants who are about to submit their file or they have received their COPR or PRV and are planning to move to Canada in near future or they have to reschedule their plan due to ongoing restrictions of Covid-19 pandemics. IRCC issued these guidelines on 29 May 2020. Highlights are as follows:

IRCC continues to intake new applications

Intake of the new applications will be continued and files that are incomplete due to unavailability of documents will be retained and reviewed in the 90 days. Those applications which are submitted complete will be processed according to the normal process.

In the new application, if applicants are not able to complete the list of the documents and these affected by the ongoing restrictions of COVID-19, then-candidate needs to submit an explanation letter with the application. The application can behold for 90 days if the candidate does not submit the remaining documents in 60 days, IRCC asks for remaining documents with 90 days deadline.

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Application in which documents are found missing and no explanation letter is submitted, or the reason is not related to the Covid-19, then the application will be rejected and fees will be refunded, as per IRCC guidelines.

For the principal applicants who are currently present in Canada and accompanying, members are outside Canada, then the candidate cannot be granted permanent residency until the complete documents of other members are submitted and they are able to travel to Canada, if they have valid CoPR or PRV.

Candidates with approved CoPR and PRV

Applicants who possess approved Confirmation of Permanent Resident (COPR) and Permanent Resident Visa (PRV) and they are not able to travel due to the ongoing travel restriction in several parts of the world due to Covid-19 pandemics, are required to submit a web form to the IRCC, if they are not able to travel in the given time of frame so that a note can be added to their file. Candidates who are willing to travel can use their existing CoPR and PRV.

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Those applicants who have valid CoPR or PRV and informed IRCC through a web form that they cannot travel before expiring the documents or the COPR is expired, then their files will be re-opened and reviewed within 90 days by the IRCC officer.

How applications will be reopened

Once the applicant informed IRCC that they are ready to travel, the reopened application can be reapproved after confirming the validity of the passport, medical examination, criminality record, and any other changes in the circumstance of the candidates and accompanying family members.

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If the candidates do not inform IRCC about their ability to travel after 60 days of expiration documents. Then the file will be placed for review for another 60 days.

From the past 3 months, Canada Immigration is effected by the COVID-19 pandemics in various ways. Province Nominee Programs have changed their intake pattern. Alberta PNP decided to invite only inland application through their AINP express entry stream draws while Saskatchewan PNP reduced their draw frequency to once in two months. Moreover, CIC also conducting only CEC and PNP draw in their Express Entry from the past 3 months.

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