Ontario to introduce new EOI system

Ontario has decided to make an amendment to its ongoing province nominee program by adding EOI system to some of its PNP sub-streams. According to the information released by the OINP professionals, they are going to introduce a new point-based Express of Interest system in their existing Province Nominee Program.

Currently, these amendments are under public consultation for 45 days till 23 October 2020. The main objective behind the introduction of new Ontario EOI system is to standardized the process of intake, where everyone will be provided equal opportunity.

Under the current system, the application window is opened for a specified time and applications are issued on a first come first serve approach. Therefore, all positions are filled within the hours of opening the window.

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As a result, people are not getting equal opportunities. The following streams are included under the new OINP EOI system :

Under the new system, candidates have to make their profile and submit various information related to their work experience, education, language score, etc and they are assigned points and ranked in the polls.

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OINP will conduct draws from time to time and invite potential candidates from the pool. OINP Expression of Interest allow officials to choose more deserving candidate as per their own criterion.

Expression of Interest system has been quite popular among the province since the inception of the Federal Express Entry stream where candidates are ranked through the Comprehensive Ranking System and periodic draws are conducted to invite the candidates to submit their documents.

Once these changes are finalized, OINP will release the details as this proposal is under public consultation until October 23, 2020.

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2 thoughts on “Ontario to introduce new EOI system”

  1. Hi need news on eligibility to apply for Ontario EOI

    • Eligibility Criteria will released once the conditions are finalised after 23 october 2020


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