IRCC announced relief to paper-based PNP applicants

IRCC has decided to provide some relief to the paper-based PNP applicants with a job offer. Those applicants who have lost their jobs due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and their application for Canada Permanent Residency is affecting by this tragedy, can avail some relaxation from IRCC

According to these instructions, Provincial authorities can ask IRCC to hold the applications of the candidates who have lost their job. This will provide a lifeline to the candidate to find new jobs and save their application under the Provincial Nominee Program with a valid job offer.

These instructions are effective from 17 September 2020 till 17 November 2020. These are applicable to only those candidates, who have submitted their application before 18 March 2020. Applications can behold up to 17 march 2021 or till the applicants get a job, whichever comes first. The job offer should be supported by the province they are applying for.

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Provinces are responsible for informing the aforementioned situation to the candidates. After receiving requests from the province or territory, IRCC will directly contact the applicants via mail and advice the procedure to submit additional documents. Those applicants who try to contact the IRCC directly and like to put their application on hold will be redirected to their respective province authorities.

From time to time, IRCC has provided relief to PNP and Canada Permanent residency aspirants by providing relief measures. Earlier, IRCC gave relaxation to the candidates who are not able to submit their Express Entry application due to COVID -19 restrictions, and also, those who had ready COPR and are not able to travel were advised contact IRCC. Read Full Story

Provincial Nomination Programs are quite popular among the candidates who are not able to secure enough points to apply directly at the federal level. Every Province and Territory ( except Quebec and Nunavut ) have various PNP streams, through which they can nominate a certain amount of candidates as per the quota issued.

Moreover, Paper-based applications are still relaxed from mandatory requirements of higher IELTS scores. In the case of Express Entry candidates are required to have at least 6 bands in each module to qualify.

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Although most of the provinces are aligning their PNP stream with express entry, there are still many PNP streams are active where candidates can seek a nomination from the province with lower IELTS score and apply to IRCC through paper-based applications.

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