IRCC waived Bio-metrics for selected PR applicants

IRCC has waived the mandatory requirement of Bio-metrics for the applicants who have submitted their biometrics in the past. This step is another boost to the initiative taken by the IRCC to revamp the Canadian immigration process which is effected by the ongoing restrictions around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the latest release of IRCC, those applicants who have submitted their bio-metrics for any support of a claim, application, or request under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act are will be exempted from giving new biometrics as of now.

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Their previously stored information can be linked to their existing or new application for Canadian permanent residency. This step is taken by the Canadian immigration official in a view that most of the biometrics collection centers around the world are either closed or not operating at their full capacity.

What is more, there is no certainty of reopening these centers in near future. On the other hand, permanent immigration applications inventory is growing day by day at IRCC end, as a considerable amount of Invitation to Apply through the Express Entry system is being issued throughout the year.

Therefore, those applications which are pending only due to biometrics can be cleared in meantime.

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Who are eligible ?

Those permanent residency candidates who meet both these conditions can avail this exemption :

  • Must have a pending or new application for Canada permanent residency.
  • Must have submitted biometrics within the 10-year period before the day on which they made the current permanent residence application.

These changes this policy came into effect on September 10, 2020, and was operationalized on September 22, 2020. It will remain in effect until the next information from the IRCC officials.

Earlier, IRCC relaxed this biometric rule for the temporary resident who is currently present in Canada and applying for any further extension or visa. This exemption is applied only to those applicants who are applying from within Canada:

  • for a work or study permit
  • for a visitor visa
  • to extend stay as a student, worker, or visitor
  • for a temporary resident permit
  • to restore status as a student, worker, or visitor

These exceptions are not applied to the applicants who are outside Canada.

Apart from this, IRCC also temporarily exempted foreign workers in certain sectors, namely the agriculture, agri-food, and health-care sectors, from having to give their biometrics before coming to Canada if the biometrics collection site closest to them is closed.

As, most of the workers in these essential occupations who are coming to Canada have already given their biometrics, as they have previously worked in Canada. Some exempt workers, such as seasonal agricultural workers, will now be giving their biometrics on arrival at Canadian ports of entry (POEs).

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