Express Entry News: Latest Draw breaks all records

Latest Express Entry News brought a surprise for Canadian Experience Class candidates, who were waiting in the pool for a long time with a score as low as 75 points.

In the latest draw conducted by The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, the highest ever 27,332 candidates were invited with a minimum CRS of 75. This was the biggest ever draw and lowest ever CRS in the history of Canada Express Entry, since its introduction in 2015.

Earlier this week, Canada also conducted another program-specific draw for PNP candidates and invited 654 candidates.

This tie-breaker deadline for this draw was  September 12, 2020, at 15:31 UTC.

What is Tie-Breaker rule in Canada Express Entry ?

The Tie Breaker rule was introduced to select a specified number of candidates from the pool when there is more than one candidate on the same CRS score.

IRCC started issuing invitations in fixed numbers to control the flux of application, and owing to the popularity of the Canada Express Entry there are hundreds of candidates having the same CRS, as a result, it was difficult to rank the candidates.

Therefore, a tie-breaker rule was introduced, according to which those candidates whose express entry profile is older is considered to be higher ranked. It is decided by the date and time of the submission of the Express Entry profile.

Why Canada inviting only CEC and PNP candidates ?

Canada started invited only CEC and PNP candidates from March’20. This step was taken to dilute the effect of COVID-19 on the Canadian Immigration System. As there were travel restrictions around the world from early March 2020, and most countries went under lockdown.

Consequently, outland candidates found it quite challenging to submit their documents. As the government offices were closed, getting a Police Clearance Certificate was next to impossible. Even those candidates who submitted their documents and waiting for PPR were helpless, as the Visa office around the world was also closed.

In fact, to date, the biometrics center is not opened in many countries and candidates are waiting to get their file processed from early 2020.

On the other hand, the Canadian government does not want to slow their immigrant influx, as a result, they decided to invite those candidates who are mostly present in Canada. Therefore, they invited PNP candidates who are already present in their nominating province and CEC candidates, as most of them are already working in Canada. Therefore, landing formalities were also eased for these candidates as most of them already submitted their biometrics.

This also helped the Canadian movement to meet the demand of the labor market and meet the immigration targets.

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