SINP invited 541 OID and EE candidates

In yet another SINP draw, Saskatchewan issued an Expression of interest to 541 candidates from the OID and EE stream.

The minimum score required to get in Expression of Interest was 72 points. The score remained the same for both categories.

Under this Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program draw, all invitations are distributed among 89 different occupations of the SINP OID and EE category. Out of 541 Expression of Interest, 344 invitations issued to the SINP Express entry sub-stream while 197 candidates are invited from the SINP OID sub stream.

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How to get Expression of Interest for SINP OID and EE stream

Candidates need to make a profile on the Oasis SINP portal to submit their Expression of Interest. Points awarded to the candidates on the basis of their age, education, work experience, education, and adaptability factors.

A minimum of 60 points is required to be eligible and submit an expression of interest. Apart from this, the candidate’s occupation should be in the demand list of SINP to be eligible for expression of interest.

Higher rank candidates from selected NOC are invited to apply. Candidates need to submit all the documents once they received the invitation along with a fee of CAD 350 $.

Difference between SINP Occupation in-Demand and Express Entry stream

These are the two popular SINP sub-stream for candidates who do not have a job offer. In both substreams, candidates are awarded points on the same parameter but eligibility differs on few factors.

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The SINP Express Entry stream is aligned with the Federal Express Entry stream. The candidate needs to have an active express entry profile to be eligible for the SINP EE stream. Therefore, candidates should have a minimum IELTS score of CLB 7 which is a mandatory requirement for the Federal Express Entry stream.

What is more, applicants can take advantage of the faster processing time of federal express entry once they received the nomination in their Express Entry profile. On the other hand, the SINP Occupation in-Demand sub-stream required a minimum IELTS score of CLB 4.

Upon successful nomination, candidates are issued nominations through e-mail and they have to submit their file through the offline process, which is time taking as compared to the online express entry stream.

Therefore, the main difference between these streams is the processing of files after nomination and the requirement of an IELTS score. However, at the province-level candidates need to follow the same process for applying an application to SINP and need to submit an EOI on the Oasis portal of Saskatchewan.

Moreover, candidates cannot apply to both streams at the same time. They can submit EOI through one stream only.

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