Ontario started an EOI system for 2 PNP Streams

Ontario has introduced a brand new EOI system for its Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) sub streams under employer job offer categories. Two categories that are currently opened under this new EOI system are as follows :

1) Employer job offer : foreign worker

2) Employer job offer : International students.

The Expression of Interest originally developed for five OINP streams, including following stream stream which are currently not considered :

1. Employer Job Offer – In-Demand Skills Stream

2. Human capital – International Graduate stream – Masters Graduate stream

3. Human capital – International Graduate stream – Ph.D. Graduate stream.

According to the OINP website, the EOI system for the remaining 3 streams also will be introduced in the near future. This expression of interest will remains open throughout the year and candidates can create their EOI at any time.

An EOI will remain active for 1 year until and unless it’s withdrawn by the candidate or candidates will receive the invitation to apply from OINP.

Why OINP introduced EOI System

Earlier OINP used to accept applications during a particular period of time on a primarily on acome first-serve basis. During that time, candidates applied online via the OINP e-Filing Portal, which took about three hours to finish. Some of the potential candidates even missed the chance due to their slow internet connection.

As a result, in Sep 2020, OINP announced to introduced an expression of Interest system for most of the PNP streams.

This EOI system is similar to SINP EOI system where , candidates are able to apply more efficiently to specific immigration streams. Applicants are need to submit a resume along with the education and work experience, which can be rated with a provincial score. Highest rank candidates will be invited to apply for a provincial nomination for permanent residence.

EOI selection factors

During EOI submission candidates are need to answers various questions related to their skill level , work experience, wage, education, official language ability, and points are awarded accordingly. According to the OINP website, following point system to be followed for Expression of Interest rankings :

Job offer: NOC skill level

(Not applied to Masters Graduate or PhD Graduate streams.)

  • NOC Skill Level A – 10 points
  • NOC Skill Level B – 8 points
  • NOC Skill Level C – 0 points
  • NOC Skill Level D – 0 points

Job offer: NOC type

  • NOC Type 0,1,2,3,9 – 10 points
  • NOC Type 4,5,6,7,8 – 5 points

Job offer: wage

(Not applied to Masters Graduate or PhD Graduate streams.)

  • $40 per hour or higher – 10 points
  • $20 to $39.99 per hour – 5 points
  • Less than $20 per hour – 0 points

Canadian work experience: length


  • 12 Months or more – 4 points
  • Less than 12 months – 0 points

Canadian work experience: NOC Skill Level

  • NOC Skill Level A – 3 points
  • NOC Skill Level B – 0 points
  • NOC Skill Level C – 0 points
  • NOC Skill Level D – 0 points

Canadian work experience: earnings history

  • $40k or more earnings in a year – 3 points
  • Less than $40k earnings in a year – 0 points

Highest level of education

  • PhD – 10 points
  • Masters – 8 points
  • Bachelors or equivalent – 6 points
  • College diploma or trade certificate – 5 points
  • Less than college or trade certificate – 0 points

Field of study

(Not applied to Foreign Worker or In-Demand Skills streams)

  • Engineering – 10 points
  • Health care – 10 points
  • Math and Computer Science – 9 points
  • Business and Administration – 7 points
  • Trades – 7 points
  • Social, Legal, and Education – 6 points
  • Arts and Humanities – 5 points

Canadian education experience

(Not applied to Foreign Worker or In-Demand Skills streams.)

  • More than one Canadian credential – 10 points
  • One Canadian credential – 5 points

Official language ability

(Not applied to Foreign Worker or In-Demand Skills streams.)

  • CLB 9 or higher – 10 points
  • CLB 8 – 6 points
  • CLB 7 – 4 points
  • CLB 6 or lower – 0 points

Knowledge of official languages

(Not applied to Foreign Worker or In-Demand Skills streams.)

  • 2 Official Languages – 10 points
  • 1 Official Language – 5 points

Regional immigration: location of job Offer

(Not applied to Masters or PhD streams.)

  • Outside GTA – 10 points
  • Inside GTA – 6 points

Regional immigration: location of study

(Not applied to Masters or PhD streams.)

  • Outside GTA – 10 points
  • Inside GTA – 6 points

Strategic priorities

(To address immediate labour market needs in the province or a region of the province.)

As determined by OINP on the expression of interest system invitation to apply webpage – 10 points (if in use).

This new Expression of Interest systems ensure more transparency in the one of the most popular Provincial Nominee Program.

Is there any OINP EOI score calculator available ?

Candidates need to create profile on OINP portal and answers certain questions. Upon completion a score is issued to the candidates. However, candidates can calculate their score manually from the matrix provided in the blog.

What is EOI score in OINP in latest draw ?

EOI score tends to change with each draw and category. In the first ever draw conducted under employer job offer category on 11 May,2021 EOI score was 31.

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