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    I have applied SINP two times till yet:

    under OID but later on When I improved my IELTS score resultantly improved SINP score, requested authorities to withdraw my application so that i may apply in EE.

    Now received again ITA and submitted application but gone through that clerk who typed made few mistakes as my second designation time line is incorrect and two of my promotion letters have similar correspondence numbers.

    another thing viewed that he mentioned Wrong designation for second promotion.

    Now I have decided to withdraw my second application so I may apply with correct information. I have fear that my application my be refer to PIU. If it happens I would be in huge problem.

    Now by giving sincere suggestions to me what do you advise that should I take back/withdraw my application or apply with correction information.

    as I have the highest points and have no doubt to receive ITA again very soon. What if I apply with correct information with my application after getting ITA.

    would I be eligible to apply a third time for ITA?
    Hopefully, it would not get any legal issues imposed by SINP. Please tell me all pros and cons of a second withdrawal?

    However, my private (Non-government) employer does not offer pension and social security but I want to arrange them to add them to my file to make more strong my new application.



    As you have submitted your application, I would not suggest you to withdraw the application. Rather you should mail SINP and explain your situation because even if you withdraw and reapply with updated documents, they have record of your previous application and it will raise the doubt. In that case also you have submit a letter of explanation about changes in your documents. Therefore, I advice you to contact SINP and explain your situation and furnish updated documents.
    Remember they keep record of each application and previously cases has been reported to PIU where people submitted different reference letter while re applying (mostly changing their noc).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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